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    Corrosion Resistant Shipboard Helicopter Tie-Down with Rotation of the Tie-Down Hook

    Curtiss-Wright has used its innovative skills and extensive knowledge of the sea environment, high-grade materials and welding techniques to develop and design a new Indal Helicopter Tie-Down. The new unit offers superior corrosion resistance and greater security for shipboard helicopters. These characteristics, combined with a simple construction and ease of installation, result in a cost-effective solution for shipboard helicopter securing.

    Existing tie-downs have two main deficiencies; they are susceptible to corrosion; and, they limit the free rotation of the tie-down hook. This last characteristic can induce adverse bending moments and possibly damage the tie-down hook during high loading conditions. It is these deficiencies that were primarily addressed by the new tie-down design.

    The Indal tie-downs will sustain the loads required to secure a 15-tonne helicopter under severe sea state conditions, and have been installed on the British Navy's aircraft carrier, Ark Royal.