With a long track record of reliable, technologically superior designs and global resources, SAS is the logical choice to meet the Navy’s current and future turbine-drive and shipboard compression requirements. SAS’s equipment is used on hundreds of U.S. Navy ships to provide power and compression for propulsion, power generation, pump drives, ship service air, oxygen / nitrogen (O2N2) feed air, generator drives, and deballasting.

SAS has been a major supplier of naval steam turbines and are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for all main propulsion turbines (General Electric and Dresser-Rand nameplates) on the NIMITZ class aircraft carriers and the next generation FORD class. SAS’s turbine experience continues as the OEM for turbines (General Electric nameplates) on the OHIO, LOS ANGELES, and SEAWOLF classes of submarines, as well as the provider of auxiliary steam turbines applications (Terry, Worthington, Turbodyne, and Dresser-Rand nameplates) on a variety of ship classes. The compressors (Worthington, Ingersoll Rand®, Roots, and Dresser-Rand nameplates) play a critical role on every ship class in the fleet.

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